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The rapid evolution of healthcare requires visibility to information that drives economic impact. EBSCO Health allows healthcare administrators to remain informed about health policy, business continuity and resource management.
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EBSCO's Business Book Summaries (BBS) provides concise yet comprehensive summaries of the best business books. With these summaries, professionals and students . . .

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Reference Center

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Reference Center is a full-text database designed to support continuity experts and information professionals. It covers...  Read more »

Business Source Corporate Plus

Whether you are looking for the most recent articles from renowned trade publications, monitoring competitors and market trends or supporting business...  Read more »

EBSCO Discovery Service Health

Optimize the medical research experience for your clinicians and researchers with EBSCO Discovery Service Health ― a powerful, customizable solution...  Read more »

Health Business Elite

This database provides comprehensive journal content detailing all aspects of healthcare administration and other non-clinical aspects of healthcare institution...  Read more »

Health Business Full Text

A rich source of information for hospital administrators and managers, Health Business Full Text details all aspects of healthcare administration, as well...  Read more »

Health Policy Reference Center

This full-text database covers all aspects of health policy and related issues. It supports decision-making, planning and research in a variety of healthcare system...  Read more »

Nonprofit Organization Reference Center

This full-text resource supports the ongoing functional and information needs of the nonprofit sector. It includes publications that help nonprofit professionals...  Read more »



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