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Evidence-Based Resources for Point of Care

Clinicians need current, evidence-based information to provide the best care possible to their patients. EBSCO Health offers a range of products designed to help answer clinical questions quickly and easily at the point of care.
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DynaMed Plus

DynaMed Plus is the next-generation clinical reference tool physicians can rely on for fast, easy access to point-of-care decision support. Written by a team of . . .


Written and designed by a team of specialized physicians, DynaMed is a clinical reference tool which provides fast, easy access to the latest evidence-based...  Read more »

AAP Core Clinical Pediatrics

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is a premier medical-professional organization that is committed to supporting pediatricians, pediatric sub-specialists and...  Read more »

eBook Clinical Collection

Designed for use in clinical settings,biomedical libraries, and academic-medical institutions, featuring more than 2,900 hand-selected, quality titles that focus on...  Read more »

EDS Discovery Health

Offering a superior discovery layer experience, EDS Discovery Health is a powerful, customizable solution which combines your entire library’s collection...  Read more »


GIDEON (Global Infectious Disease and Epidemiology Network) is the world's premier global infectious disease database. This point-of-care clinical decision...  Read more »


Isabel is used by physicians around the world to help construct or broaden a differential diagnosis. By entering the information normally captured in a patient...  Read more »

Nursing Reference Center

Designed specifically for nurses, this resource provides evidence-based information for point of care, continuing education, nursing research and...  Read more »

Nursing Reference Center Plus

Master nursing best practices with the premier source for evidence-based information designed specifically for nurses. Unmatched in scope, nurses use Nursing...  Read more »

Patient Education Reference Center

This resource provides nurses and healthcare professionals with patient information handouts that can be customized, printed and given to a patient at the point of...  Read more »


Designed by pediatricians and other medical specialists, PEMSoft is an invaluable point-of-care clinical information resource covering the entire spectrum...  Read more »

Rehabilitation Reference Center

This evidence-based, point-of-care resource is for physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists and rehabilitation professionals. With...  Read more »

Social Work Reference Center

Created by a multi-specialty editorial team, Social Work Reference Center is a turnkey information resource for social workers and mental health professionals....  Read more »


The essential online poisons information database, TOXINZ is for researchers and healthcare professionals worldwide. Essential to emergency physicians,...  Read more »

ViDAL Consult

Produced by ViDALGroup, ViDAL Consult improves patients’ safety by offering the most complete access to local drug information related to reference...  Read more »



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