International Pharmaceutical Abstracts

A Vast Resource for Drug Therapy and Pharmaceutical Information

Produced by Clarivate Analytics, this comprehensive database provides indexing and abstracts for pharmaceutical and medical journals published worldwide. It is essential to anyone interested in keeping abreast of today's health-related drug literature.

Content Includes

  • More than 501,000 abstracted and indexed records from more than 800 global journals
  • Coverage dating back to 1970

Subjects Include

  • Biopharmaceuticals and pharmacokinetics
  • Legal, political and ethical issues
  • New drug delivery systems
  • Pharmacist liability

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Covering the Entire Spectrum of Pharmaceutical Information

International Pharmaceutical Abstracts (IPA) covers the entire spectrum of drug therapy and pharmaceutical information so researchers, toxicologists, cosmetic companies, medical librarians and health practitioners can easily locate the answers to any drug-related problems that they encounter.

A unique feature of IPA's clinical studies abstracts is the inclusion of the study design, number of patients, dosage, dosage forms and dosage schedule.


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