HealthStream and EBSCO Health Partnership

Because Every Patient Deserves the Best Developed Workforce

EBSCO Health is now a preferred partner of HealthStream, the leading provider of workforce development solutions for the healthcare industry. HealthStream is focused on improving patient outcomes through advancement of healthcare institutions’ employees. As part of this preferred partnership, EBSCO Health content will be available through the HealthStream Learning Center in the form of two new offerings — Clinical Skills Center and Clinical Decision Support.


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Clinical Skills Center 

Clinical Skills Center brings easy access to evidence-based clinical skills and best practices to clinicians, enabling them to master best practices, improve patient outcomes, and deliver the best care possible to their patients. Integrated with the HealthStream Learning Center (HLC) Clinical Skills Center can easily be assigned and tracked across your organization. And with skills checklists integrated with HealthStream’s Checklist Management, each critical step can be validated and documented, providing clinical staff with competence and confidence to achieve clinical excellence.

Clinical Decision Support 

Clinical Decision Support provides clinical staff with the evidence-based information they need at the point of care which is integral to providing optimal patient outcomes and ensuring safe, quality care. EBSCO Health’s Clinical Decision Support delivers 24/7 access to the latest evidence-based information for nurses and allied health professionals, with content covering everything from diseases, conditions and medications to core measures, care plans and leadership topics.


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