Clinical Decision Support and Shared Decision Making for Patients and Providers at the Point of Care

HealthDecision is a software platform of evidence-based clinical decision support tools that help clinicians and patients engage in effective shared decision-making, leading to improved patient satisfaction and quality outcomes.

Developed by clinicians for clinicians, HealthDecision offers evidence-based guidelines, customized patient handouts and seamless integration into the clinical workflow through the Electronic Health Record (EHR).

The visual presentation of risks and benefits really helps [patients] own their decisions.

– Alexis Eastman, MD, UW Health


HealthDecision Offers:

  • Content and functionality developed by clinicians for clinicians
  • Seamless integration into the EHR
  • Evidence-based guidelines at the clinician’s fingertips
  • Customized patient handouts
  • Easy documentation of the patient encounter in the EHR

HealthDecision Tools Include:

  • Atrial Fibrillation – Benefits and Harms of Anticoagulants
  • Cardiovascular Risk – Benefits and Harms of Statins and Smoking Cessation
  • Osteoporosis – FRAX Risk and Change with Bisphosphonates 
  • Breast Cancer Screening – Benefits and Harms of Regular Mammograms
  • Lung Cancer Screening – Benefits and Harms of Chest CT Scans
  • Hypertension – ASCVD Risk Reduction with BP Lowering

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Builds Trust

HealthDecision tools are developed by clinicians who deeply understand the subject matter and integrate the latest guidelines, risk scores and analyses to provide clinicians with reliable decision support. Decades of clinical experience are distilled into the key steps to guide patients through the decision-making process.

Research-proven, best-practice risk communication visuals display both the positive and negative outcomes of a decision on a single graphic for ease of comparison and help patients understand the complexities of different decisions. These tools can be integrated into an existing EHR workflow and have been used for over nine years, reaching hundreds of thousands of patients.

Engages Patients, Leading to Higher Satisfaction

Research shows that patients want to be more informed of their medical choices and involved in decisions. HealthDecision facilitates that interaction, enabling more meaningful conversations around a patient’s personalized risk assessment and his or her preferences and values. 

HealthDecision tools present patients with objective, easy to understand, personalized benefits and harms of their healthcare options. This empowers patients to take a more active role in their care with confidence in the decisions that they make.

Improves Clinicians' Workflows

HealthDecision offers seamless integration into the EHR. Once installed, HealthDecision tools are easily accessible within an existing EHR system allowing clinicians to focus more on thoughtful discussions that help patients weigh the pros and cons of their medical options rather than hunting for information in a variety of places to craft their conversations.

Performs Complex Risk Calculations and Presents Latest Guidelines

HealthDecision does the “busywork” for clinicians, applying current medical guidelines to screen for eligibility and automatically pulling in patient data to perform necessary calculations and logic steps. This allows the clinician to concentrate on the conversation.

The EBSCO Health team includes medical experts for each tool. They actively evaluate new literature and its possible impact for patients. Extensive documentation and referencing within each tool enable clinicians to connect to the applicable guidelines and underlying literature.

Documents Shared Decision-Making

HealthDecision tools effectively present benefits and harms associated with healthcare options, capture patient decisions and build a visit summary. Clinicians can paste this information into the patient portal, documenting the nuances of the shared decision-making conversation, as well as print the summary and additional patient education materials directly from within HealthDecision.

Benefits to the Hospital

Clinicians and healthcare administrators are committed to the same goal: providing quality care at affordable costs. While "high quality" and "lower cost" are sometimes considered mutually exclusive, HealthDecision contributes to both to provide value for the healthcare system through better communication, outcomes and reimbursements. Usage data can be shared with the institution to support population health goals and business intelligence.

Supports Institutional Research

The integrated design of the HealthDecision workflow creates a powerful research tool. Multiple institutions are already using HealthDecision to study population health issues and clinician-patient communications. HealthDecision tools collect encrypted, HIPAA-compliant, patient-specific data, including risk scores and results of the decision chosen.

HealthDecision can track workflow through a tool and help institutions better understand how decisions are being made, with detail that is impossible to capture using paper-based or video-based educational materials. Detailed clinical usage data can be shared with research teams through IRB approved protocols.


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