Health Library

The Most Reliable, Evidence-Based Health and Wellness Information Resource

Health Library provides institutions with the high-quality coverage of health, wellness and other medical information that consumers seek today.  Also featured is a complementary and alternative medicine resource that covers an extensive range of natural and alternative treatments.

Content Includes

  • Over 2,000 entry points to the A-Z Condition Fact Sheets covering over 1,100 conditions
  • Over 900 entry points to the A-Z Procedure Fact Sheets covering over 450 procedures and tests
  • 50 English and 14 Spanish lifestyle and prevention video HealthClips®
  • Over 430 3D English and Spanish animations covering a wide range of topics in a variety of medical categories including bariatrics and gastroenterology, cardiovascular dermatology, men's health, women's health, health conditions, orthopedics and procedures and tests
  • Self-assessment tools including Healthy Living Calculators and 25 Health Risk Assessors
  • Symptom Checker, Anatomy Navigator and Condition Navigation
  • 1,200 consumer drug monographs in English and Spanish from AHFS, a leading provider of consumer drug information
  • 700 natural and alternative treatment articles covering herbs and supplements, drug interactions, alternative therapies, functional foods and homeopathy
  • 2,000 demographic-based magazine style articles covering health and prevention topics at each stage of life

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Connecting Patients to Your Hospital

By integrating EBSCO's Health Library content into your website, you can provide patients with a valuable health information resource while simultaneously increasing the visibility of your hospital in the community. Health Library allows you to create a call to action by linking directly to doctors and specialists at your hospital, enabling users to find a physician or to schedule an appointment. 

Content is presented in an easy-to-understand manner, and the strict 7-step editorial process ensures that the information found in Health Library is reliable.

Use Health Library to Promote:

  • Content in multiple points on the hospital website to help achieve marketing goals
  • Key service lines with links to related conditions and procedures
  • Upcoming events with links to related content (increase event attendance)
  • Physicians with links to conditions that they treat or procedures they perform (drive online appointment bookings) 

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