Dynamic Health

Helping Nurses and Allied Health Professionals Master Critical Skills

Dynamic Health is an innovative evidence-based resource that helps nurses and allied health professionals master critical skills.  Users can find current, actionable information about core nursing competencies, transcultural care, patient training, occupational therapy, speech therapy, nutrition and dietetics, social work and so much more.  

This product delivers on the promise to bring the right kind of information to the nurse at the bedside — preparation, procedures, mindfulness of risks, best evidence — all in a way that efficiently respects the nurse’s time and need for focus.

– Gay Landstrom, Senior Vice President & Chief Nursing Officer, Trinity Health


Dynamic Health Offers:

  • Thousands of nursing and allied health skills
  • Videos and images
  • Drug content
  • Mobile-responsive interface
  • Clear, concise content structure
  • Customization options
  • Streamlined integration with EMRs, LMSs, intranets and order sets 

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Content Users Can Trust

The content in Dynamic Health is created based on a strict evidence-based methodology, which means nurses and allied health professionals can trust that the information matches current best practice. The content is crafted by a team of nurses and allied health professionals who review the evidence and write original content based on best practice. 

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The Right Answers Fast

Dynamic Health is designed to enable nurses to find the information they need in the context of their workflow. Need access on the go? No problem. The Dynamic Health interface is mobile responsive, making for an optimal user experience on any device. 

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Dynamic Health integrates with EMRs, LMSs and Intranets. Do you work with HealthStream? So do we. EBSCO Health is a preferred partner of HealthStream, allowing for seamless integration of Dynamic Health’s valuable content into the HealthStream Learning Center.

Make it Your Own

Dynamic Health offers a variety of customization options to help you create an ideal experience for your users.  With Dynamic Health, you can add institutional notes to skills or hide skills that aren’t applicable to your nurses and allied health professionals.  

Streamline Your Policy and Procedures Process with EBSCO and MCN Healthcare

EBSCO is a preferred partner of MCN Healthcare, a leading healthcare document compliance software solutions provider. MCN provides healthcare organizations with policy management software, compliance expertise and a robust library of more than 18,000 web-based, customizable policies and procedures. As part of this preferred partnership, evidence-based skills and procedures from EBSCO’s Dynamic Health can seamlessly integrate into MCN’s Policy Manager offering healthcare organizations a complete solution for their policy and procedure creation, upkeep and management needs.

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