Summer 2016, Volume 7, Issue 4

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Rehabilitation Reference Center in Daily Practice

Speech Sound Disorders: Articulation, Functional 

Elia is a 5-year-old girl being treated in the speech therapy clinic for a speech sound disorder.

The speech therapist wants to find the most recent research on functional articulation disorder, so she consults Rehabilitation Reference Center, keying in the words "functional articulation." She locates the clinical review "Speech Sound Disorders: Articulation, Functional."

She reads about functional articulation disorder, including pathogenesis, indications and contraindications for speech therapy. She then reviews the examination section of the clinical review. After completing the physical and subjective examination, she goes on to read about the treatment of patients who have functional articulation disorder.   

Based on the clinical review and the examination findings, the speech therapist proceeds with facilitative techniques and with educating Elia's parents on an effective home program.

Note: The above-referenced clinical review is freely accessible to all readers of the EBSCO Health Rehabilitation Reference Center Newsletter. 

Quick Overview


Yoga is an ancient Indian mind-body practice that has been in existence for 2,000 years. It is a combination of meditation, mindfulness, self-exploration, breathing control and body movement designed to improve flexibility, focus, balance and strength. Indications for yoga include pain, depression, anxiety, menopausal symptoms, hypertension and impaired mobility. Treatment goals for yoga include improved mobility, balance and strength, and decreased pain and anxiety.

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Evidence-Based Content Update

Amputation, Lower Extremity: Physical Therapy

Recently, the clinical review "Amputation, Lower Extremity: Physical Therapy" was revised following review as part of the Systematic Literature Surveillance Program. Information of value to physical therapy practice was found in a retrospective chart audit.

Researchers found that Activity-Specific Balance Confidence (ABC) Scale scores were associated with functional outcomes. Higher balance confidence scores were associated with longer distance walked on the 2-Minute Walk test (2MWT); increased fear of falling corresponded with decreased functional performance in ambulation with a prosthesis.

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