Winter 2017, Volume 8, Issue 1

EBSCO Health Rehabilitation Reference Centerâ„¢ Newsletter including topics on Frailty Syndrome: Physical Therapy, Osteosarcoma and Social Skills Intervention: Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Rehabilitation Reference Center in Daily Practice

Frailty Syndrome: Physical Therapy

Mr. W is an 85-year-old man residing in an assisted living facility being treated by a physical therapist for frailty syndrome.  

The physical therapist wants to find the most recent research on frailty syndrome, so she consults Rehabilitation Reference Center, keying in the words “frailty syndrome.” She locates the clinical review "Frailty Syndrome: Physical Therapy.”

She reads about frailty syndrome, including its pathogenesis, indications, and contraindications for physical therapy. She then reviews the examination section of the clinical review. After completing the physical and subjective examination, she goes on to read about the treatment of patients who have frailty syndrome.

Based on the clinical review and the examination findings, the physical therapist proceeds with therapeutic exercise, functional mobility training and patient education.

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Quick Overview


Osteosarcoma is a rare primary malignant tumor of bone. A physical therapy evaluation of a patient with a known or suspected osteosarcoma should include assessments of cardiorespiratory function and endurance, functional mobility, muscle strength and balance. Physical therapy treatment can include functional training, therapeutic exercise, patient education and prescription/application of devices and equipment.

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Evidence-based Content Update

Social Skills Intervention: Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Recently, the clinical review "Social Skills Intervention: Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder" was revised following review as part of the Systematic Literature Surveillance Program. Information of value to speech therapy practice was found in a research study.

Researchers in the United States found that children with autism spectrum disorder had improved joint attention gestures, language and engagement, and mean length of utterance after participating in the social skills program JASPER: Joint Attention, Symbolic Play and Engagement Regulation.

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