Top 5 Most Asked Nursing Reference Center Plus Support Questions

Nursing | July 05, 2016

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Find out what Peg Graney, Technical Support Supervisor for EBSCO Health, identifies as the five most frequently asked support questions for Nursing Reference Center™ Plus, the premier source for evidence-based information designed by nurses for nurses.

1Can I access Nursing Reference Center™ Plus (NRC Plus) on my mobile device?

Whether in a clinical setting or on the go, Nursing Reference Center Plus provides nurses with quick and easy access to the most current nursing information. Complimentary with all subscriptions, the NRC Plus mobile app gives nurses instant access, both on and offline, to content on their iPhones, iPads or Android devices. The NRC Plus app is available for download from the iTunes app store and Google Play.

2. How can I earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) through NRC Plus?

CINAHL CEU modules are interactive educational modules that allow nurses to satisfy CE requirements online. They contain the latest topics on patient care and drugs. Each CEU module consists of course material, an interactive review, and a competency test with a certificate of completion.

CINAHL CEU modules are accessible through Nursing Reference Center™, Nursing Reference Center Plus, and Nursing Reference Center™ with PERC, from EBSCO. They are available under the Continuing Ed tab in NRC Plus.

3. Can CEUs be accessed through my hospital Learning Management System (LMS)?

With the help of CINAHL Courseware Cloud Solution, the invaluable CE content found in Nursing Reference Center Plus can also be easily integrated into any SCORM 1.2-compliant LMS. Nurses can conveniently search available CE topics directly from their LMS, selecting courses that meet their needs. Upon course completion, their results will be automatically reported back to your LMS for record keeping.

4. How can I customize NRC Plus with information specific to my healthcare institution? 

Important Notes on items in NRC Plus are added by an institution’s administrator to highlight specific protocols or information relevant to your hospital’s nursing best practices processes.

5. Can NRC Plus be accessed through our EMR?

A link to Nursing Reference Center Plus can be configured to allow quick access from the EMR tool bar. When the link is clicked, the embedded authentication information is passed via URL and opens a new window to the main page in NRC Plus.

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