Nursing and Allied Health Research Bootcamp – Tips and Tricks for Better Research

Research | October 09, 2018

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Strong nursing research skills are key for everything from earning advanced degrees to serving on quality improvement councils. Explore tips and tricks for optimal health research outcomes from EBSCO Health Librarian, Ellen Westling.

When it comes to nursing and allied health, “research” can come in a variety of forms. Perhaps a nurse or allied health professional is going back to school for an advanced degree and needs to do research for a thesis paper. Or maybe a nurse is working on the policy and procedure creation and upkeep for their hospital and must refer to the latest clinical evidence to help construct their own policies. Often research is even performed by members of a hospital’s quality improvement council to guide and inform practice improvement initiatives across the hospital. Whatever the situation may be, there is no question that strong research skills are a must have for nurses and allied health professionals.

Recently, EBSCO Senior Engagement Manager and EBSCO Health Librarian Ellen Westling and EBSCO Health Clinical Solutions Executive Teresa Trammel presented the EBSCO Health Nursing and Allied Health Research Bootcamp. The webinar presentation offered attendees a deep dive into how to frame a strong research question prior to starting their research, advanced searching techniques through the lends of CINAHL®, and many other valuable tips and tricks to achieve optimal research outcomes.

Take a Peek at Some of the Tips & Tricks Covered in the Webinar

  1. When you search, enter key terms ONLY, not every word of your research question. Analyze your question, identify the key elements and remember that less can be more.
  2. Think of synonyms and spell out acronyms to make sure you get the most out of your search. For example, make sure to enter both “heart attack” and “myocardial infarction” and spell out common acronyms like UTI (urinary tract infection).
  3. Truncate words using * to broaden your search. By adding * to the end of a word like bundle in your search, it will return results for variations of the word such as bundles, bundling, bundled.
  4. Whether you call them limiters or filters, using these specifications can refine your search and return better results. Limiters like research, age group and evidence-based practice available through the EBSCOhost® interface will allow you to hone your search results so the information you find is targeted to your carefully crafted research question.

Press play on the video below to flex your research muscles and boost your nursing and allied health research skills.

EBSCO Health Nursing and Allied Health Research Bootcamp WEBINAR from EBSCO on Vimeo.

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