Nurse Retention and Job Satisfaction — Just One Challenge in the Great CNO Obstacle Course

Nursing | March 29, 2017

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Chief Nursing Officers need to ensure nurse retention and job satisfaction. How can EBSCO’s Nursing Reference Center™ Plus help?

Chief Nursing Officers (CNO) are masters at understanding and managing the complexities of nursing organizations. They size up challenges, analyze the lay of the land, map out strategic approaches and jump into action. They’ll do what it takes ― going over, under and through obstacles ― to get to the finish line. They’re out to win. However, with everything from creating a positive and inclusive nursing culture to ensuring nurses are ready for the next Joint Commission survey, the list of challenges they face daily can seem endless.

Perhaps one of the most noteworthy hurtles CNOs encounter is nurse retention and satisfaction. Nurse retention is a significant factor in the general health of any hospital. How do you provide superior patient care if you are spending more time and money focused on recruitment and training of an endless stream of new hires than empowering and developing the rest of your nursing staff? According the Journal of Nursing Administration, it’s estimated that replacing an exiting nurse costs roughly $82,000. By improving nurse retention, hospitals not only see an uptick in quality patient outcomes due to seasoned, competent and confident nurse, the hospital’s bottoms line is also positively impacted.

Tackling the Obstacle with Nursing Reference Center Plus

  • Draw on content from Nursing Reference Center Plus to build a strong nurse residency program, ensuring new nurses have the competence and confidence to fully assimilate into their new roles.

  • Encourage a culture of lifelong learning and professional growth with Nursing Reference Center Plus. ANCC and IACET, accredited CEs in NRC Plus, provide nurses with valuable learning opportunities as well as a means to obtain contact hours towards license renewal.
  • Nursing Reference Center Plus offers a variety of content to help nursing leaders become better mentors and educators. The more support and knowledge new nurses can absorb from the seasoned nurses around them, the more likely they are to succeed.

EBSCO Health has identified five common hurdles CNOs tackle each and every day. Download our complimentary e-brochure to learn how Nursing Reference Center Plus can help you create a winning strategy for navigating the Great CNO Obstacle Course.

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