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Medical | February 13, 2019

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EBM Focus is a collection of meaningful research findings relevant to clinical practice, curated by the DynaMed Plus® editorial team. Learn about the EBM Focus series and meet the team deciphering the evidence.

Evidence based medicine (EBM) is the conscientious, explicit and judicious use of current best evidence in making decisions about the care of individual patients (Sackett et al 1996). To practice EBM, physicians need to find and evaluate research data from the medical literature and apply these results in clinical practice—no easy task when new research is published approximately every 30 seconds.

DynaMed Plus® editors monitor a large volume of research information on a daily basis through the process of Systematic Literature Surveillance, which includes monitoring over 500 medical journals, systematic review collections and guideline organizations. New evidence is integrated into existing content every day, and overall conclusions are modified as appropriate, representing a synthesis of the best available evidence. By using DynaMed Plus, busy practicing clinicians can focus on applying clinical evidence to direct patient care.

Each week, research articles are selected by the editorial staff that are “most likely to inform clinical practice” and the EBM Focus article highlights these studies. The EBM Focus editorial team summarizes the study, adding clinical context and highlighting important caveats for proper interpretation. Rapid open peer review is completed by a team of DynaMed Plus contributing editors, and the article is disseminated in a free weekly e-newsletter.

Starting next week, the EBM Focus will also be published on the EBSCO Health Notes blog.

Meet the EBM Focus editorial team:

Alan Ehrlich, MD is the Executive Editor at DynaMed Plus and a Clinical Associate Professor in Family Medicine at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. He teaches evidence based medicine to medical students and writes the Evidence Based Medicine column for Clinical Advisor magazine.

Katharine “Kate” DeGeorge, MD, MS works closely with medical students, family medicine residents, and faculty development fellows at the University of Virginia with a special interest in teaching evidence-based medicine. She also practices at a rural family medicine clinic and attends on the inpatient service at the main UVA campus.  Kate has worked as a Clinical Editor at DynaMed Plus since 2014.

Carina Brown, MD is a Faculty Development Fellow and practicing family physician at the University of Virginia. Carina enjoys teaching medical students and residents in addition to writing about practice-changing articles.

Sarah Dalrymple, MD is a Faculty Development Fellow at the University of Virginia School of Medicine and a family medicine physician with an interest in obstetrics, women’s health, medical education, and cultural competence.

For a sneak peek of the EBM Focus, read EBM Focus: 2018 Year in Review for a selection of five important EBM Focus articles from last year.

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