We Are Where Your Nurses Are: Four Integration Options for Nursing Reference Center™ Plus

Nursing | October 04, 2017

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The EMR, LMS, intranet and order sets are a big part of nursing workflows. Explore four integration options to make Nursing Reference Center™ Plus a part of your key workflows.

Your nurses spend a lot of time in your Electronic Medical Records (EMR), learning management system (LMS), intranet and order sets. Wouldn’t it be great if your evidence-based nursing information resources could be easily accessed through all of those platforms? Learn how Nursing Reference Center™ Plus integrates into all four workflows.


The EMR is the hub of a hospital’s patient information. Naturally, nurses spend quite a bit of time there. With Nursing Reference Center Plus, a link can be configured, allowing quick and easy access to the vital information they need directly from the EMR tool bar or a contextual search. In addition, Nursing Reference Center Plus care plans can be integrated into the EMR and easily attached to patient records, ensuring care is based on the latest clinical evidence.


Your LMS is key to developing a strong nursing workforce. With Nursing Reference Center Plus, you can easily integrate continuing education content into any SCORM-compliant LMS. Many hospitals work with HealthStream. EBSCO Health is a preferred partner of HealthStream, allowing for seamless integration of Nursing Reference Center Plus’ valuable skills and decision-support content into the HealthStream Learning Center.


Nurses visit the hospital intranet for access to a variety of resources, so it only makes sense that a nursing information tool should be one of them. A linked Nursing Reference Center Plus icon can be added to the intranet portal with embedded authentication information, enabling access to the trusted evidence-based content in one click.

Order Sets

It’s important for nurses to understand the evidence that makes up an order set. Nursing Reference Center Plus makes that easy by allowing hospitals to embed links to Nursing Reference Center Plus’ evidence-based content into order sets, so nurses can quickly and directly reference the original evidence from which the orders were created.

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