A Thank You Letter to PubMed

Research | December 07, 2017

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PubMed is a go-to information resource for medical researchers worldwide, but combined with the full-text power of MEDLINE Complete, the user experience is even better.

Medical researchers the world over rely on and trust PubMed, and here at EBSCO Health we feel the same way.  The following is a thank you letter from Martha the Medical Researcher, a fictional character representing the sentiments of many medical researchers who have identified PubMed as their go-to information resource.  Let’s see what Martha has to say.

Dear PubMed,

Since you came into my life in 1997 as a free biomedical and life sciences database created by the United States National Library of Medicine, you have changed my life as a medical researcher in ways I couldn’t have imagined. With more than 26 million records and an estimated 500,000 new records added yearly, I know that no matter what my query, I’ll always find something to point my research in the right direction.

When I was a stressed-out neurobiology student, you always looked out for me. Your automatic linking to MeSH subject headings constantly protected me from missing the most relevant information. I relied on you when I was doing undergraduate research and again when I was writing my doctoral dissertation on neuroplasticity. As a professional medical researcher, I still turn to you frequently because I know you always provide the information I need.

It never ceases to amaze me what a powerful tool you are and how you become even more powerful when combined with the full-text power of MEDLINE® Complete from EBSCO Health.

It’s not just me who thinks you’re the bee’s knees! Medical researchers all over the world turn to you as their go-to research tool.  When you come up in conversations with doctors, nurses and researchers, the praise falls like rain. It never ceases to amaze me what a powerful tool you are and how you become even more powerful when combined with the full-text power of MEDLINE® Complete from EBSCO Health. With MEDLINE Complete ― the largest full-text companion to the MEDLINE® index , offering coverage for more than 2,300 top-tier biomedical and health journals ― and your own collection of essential open access full-text, titles, I don’t often have to worry about slowing down my research to hunt for the full text of an article critical to my research.

Thank you, PubMed, for being a steadfast and trusted partner in my medical research for so many years.

Yours truly,
Martha the Medical Researcher

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