A Nursing Skills Challenge – Are You Up for the Task?

Nursing | June 06, 2017

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Excellent patient care hinges on the quality of nursing skills and focus on patient care. EBSCO Health helps nurses hone their nursing skills.

Excellent patient care hinges on the competence and confidence of a hospital’s nursing staff in their nursing skills. Investing in nursing skills is critical to increasing quality outcomes, patient safety and satisfaction, as well as preventing serious reportable events. Additionally, nurses need to not only have fine-tuned technical nursing skills, but must also be well versed in their communication skills, patient education and culturally competencies. To ensure these characteristics, it is important that hospitals invest in nursing education and provide their nurses with every opportunity for professional growth and development. Whether that investment comes in the form of a carefully crafted nurse residency program, access to high-quality information resources, a collection of evidence-based continuing education modules or all of the above ― the return on the investment is always happy, confident nurses and safe, satisfied patients.

In the video below we’ve presented a scenario in which a 72-year-old man is brought to an emergency department suffering from three days of flu symptoms. Upon arrival, he is tachycardic, hypotensive, has increased respirations and his extremities are cold to the touch. His doctor orders labs and IV fluid replacement. The nurse is responsible for starting the IV.

Press play to test your nursing skills and see if you and your nurses are up to the task.

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