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EBSCO Health is a leading provider of clinical decision support solutions, healthcare business intelligence, medical journals...
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“I’ll Just Google It” – The Case Against Internet Searching for Clinical Evidence

“Just Google it.” Today we hear this phrase often. Search engines, and the Internet in general, is a source for many, including healthcare professionals, to answer questions. However, there are issues with using search engines and Internet sites for clinical evidence.

Download our free white paper to explore the pitfalls of internet searching for clinical evidenceand uncover available resources that provide easy access to the current, credible, evidence-based answers clinicians need.

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Meet the Clinical Leaders of EBSCO

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Betsy Jones

Senior Vice President of Medical Product Management
Betsy Jones is Senior Vice President of Medical Product Management. She oversees both the EBSCO Health Medical Product... Read Full Bio
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Improving Patient Care with a Commitment to Evidence-Based Medicine

At EBSCO Health, our mission is to improve patient outcomes and support value-based care with a commitment to evidence-based medicine. Launch our new video by clicking the "Learn More" link below to hear from EBSCO Health clinical experts and thought leaders on how our evidence-based clinical decision support and shared decision-making tools are making a positive impact for both clinicians and patients.

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Asthma Management in Children

Did you know, according to the CDC an estimated 6.2 million children in the U.S. alone have asthma? With such a high prevalence of this condition that brings with it a host of frightening and potentially fatal symptoms, strong asthma management skills are critical for any nurse working with pediatric patient. Check out our free competency infographic and see if your nurses check all the boxes when it comes to this essential skill.

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