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EBSCO Health is a leading provider of clinical decision support solutions, healthcare business intelligence, medical journals...
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Master Shared Decision Making

Read the white paper to learn what shared decision making is, what it isn’t, and how physicians can craft the conversation to put shared decision making into action.

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Meet the Clinical Leaders of EBSCO

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Brian S. Alper, MD, MSPH, FAAFP

Founder of DynaMed, Vice President of Innovations and EBM Development
Brian Alper, MD, MSPH, FAAFP is the Founder of DynaMed, Vice President of Innovations and EBM Development. He is board... Read Full Bio
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New & Noteworthy

Introducing Dynamic Health

Dynamic Health, a comprehensive collection of evidence-based skills content and corresponding skills checklists intended to help nurses and allied health professionals develop critical clinical, transcultural and patient instruction skills, is now available from EBSCO Health.

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Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain

A 46-year-old man was involved in a car accident three years ago. He had multiple injuries and suffers from chronic low back pain. He was treated with NSAIDS, tried a TENS unit, had physiotherapy, and visited a chiropractor. He is currently using duloxetine and topical capsaicin. You're considering prescribing opioids to help manage his pain. Is this patient a good candidate for opioids? Press play to find out.

DynaMed Plus Clinical Case Challenge

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