The Definitive Pediatric Resource for Clinical Decision Support at the Point of Care.

Designed by pediatricians, emergency physicians and other medical specialists, PEMSoft is an invaluable point-of-care clinical information resource for hospitals, emergency departments, clinics, pediatric group practices, transport services and medical schools.

Bronchiolitis and Respiratory Distress in Children

We use PEMSoft throughout the hospital.

– Dr. Mary McCaskill, Medical Director of Emergency Department, The Children's Hospital, Westmead, Australia


PEMSoft is

  • Optimized for speed at the point-of-care
  • Assessment and safety oriented
  • Rich with multimedia and bedside tools
  • Deep in scope: over 1,000 acute-care topics Web and mobile—usable everywhere

Each topic includes:

  • Description and Clinical Presentation
  • Science / Etiology
  • Epidemiology / Natural History
  • Diagnostic Studies
  • Differential Diagnosis
  • Treatment
  • Complications
  • Prognosis
  • Prevention/Education
  • Tips
  • Other related Subtopics
  • Current References with PubMed Links

Information you can trust

The PEMSoft editorial faculty is led by a team of world renowned, pediatric emergency physicians including Ron Dieckmann, Rob Pitt, Kelly Young and Robert Schafermeyer. Hundreds of authors and editors worldwide contribute to keeping the extensive content of PEMSoft current.

All PEMSoft authors adhere to a strict evidence-based editorial policy focused on systematic identification, evaluation and consolidation of practice-changing clinical literature.

PEMSoft donates medical software to KidsCareEverywhere

A nonprofit organization, KidsCareEverywhere is taking PEMSoft to the developing world supporting hospitals in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Dominican Republic, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Congo, Yemen, South Africa and Haiti.

PEMSoft donates its medical software to KidsCareEverywhere, who arranges for installation and training of doctors and nurses in selected countries.

PEMSoft Presents National Award to Dr. Charles Macias

Ron Dieckmann, MD, MPH, PEMSoft Chief Medical Officer, awarded Charles Macias MD, MPH, FAAP, Associate Professor of Pediatrics of Baylor College of Medicine/Texas Children's Hospital, the first EBSCO Health PEMSoft Award for “Outstanding Technological Innovations in Pediatric Emergency Care” during the proceedings of the Academy of Pediatrics in San Diego in October.

Success Stories

For eight years, Dr. Chris May has been the Director of Emergency Medicine at Redland Hospital in Queensland, Australia. Prior to that, he served as Deputy Director at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Brisbane and as the Director at Logan Hospital. Dr. May is a long-time PEMSoft user. Read what he has to say here.

Webinar Archive

PEMSoft Septic Shock with Ron Dieckmann - October 23, 2014


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Extensive Pediatric Content

The vast content in PEMSoft addresses the entire spectrum of neonatal, infant, child, adolescent and young adult health. With thousands of pediatric topics, content is updated continuously. Hundreds of pediatric clinical editors worldwide use a rigorous, evidence-based editing process. Extensive pediatric references include links to PubMed.

Find Answers Fast!

PEMSoft is designed for speedy clinical decision-making. The built-in search engine provides answers in seconds. All topics are in list format with extensive internal links making it ideal for acute and emergency care.

Unprecedented Multimedia

PEMSoft includes a library of images and videos that are integrated within topics to assist in identification and diagnosis. Educators find this feature an invaluable resource for medical education and training, and clinicians use it frequently to diagnose uncommon conditions.

Additional PEMSoft features include:

Resus Tool Module:

The world's first length, age or weight-based resuscitation reference tool and calculator for accurate, instantaneous drug-dosing and equipment sizing customized for your location.

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  • Trauma Module: Comprehensive mini-textbook on the entire range of pediatric injury and current management approaches.
  • Signs and Symptoms Module: Searchable library of all common pediatric signs and symptoms with directed clinical approaches making use of extensive images.
  • Procedures Module: Explicit, step-by-step compendium of emergency and critical care procedures with vast video support. Great for medical students and medical training.

PEMSoft Pediatric Procedures Pain Management and Sedation